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August 30, 2009


Kami Rude

I have no idea what error you're speaking of - they're absolutely gorgeous! You are extremely talented and these cookies were no exception to the evidence of that talent :)


oh pish, posh. They look gorgeous. That's quite a talent you have there. You should start your own business!


If they were perfect, they wouldn't be handmade. They look absolutely gorgeous and perfectly, perfect from my house! I'm sure they did at the wedding as well. Super cool way to lay out the congrats cookies. I'm so amazed at all the work you did for that. Did she have cake too?

I think if Doug had made the quality comment I might have just piped his mouth full of icing. Then I'd laugh about it after the fact. What a woman you are to be able to laugh in the midst of all that pressure. Maybe I should take lessons.

Chris Folkestad

Hope no one gets sick from them! That would be a bummer :) you can make cookies for me ANY TIME!

Janmary, N Ireland

Absolutely love them, and of course, being home-made they should not be all identical and perfect.

I am sure the bride and groom were delighted with them all.

PS if you want to post some of your "rejects" to Ireland, I will happily devour them!


Oh my goodness Amanda they look absolutly amazing. I can almost taste them. Thats right I said almost. Im sure the Bride and Groom were very thankful for all your hard work.


I think they look wonderful! And i am sure the the wedding party and everyone else will agree! Your just to stinkin talented! And they do match very well i think, they wouldnt expect them all to match perfectly though! Variety is good, and those cookies look great!


They are absolutely perfect! If that's what you call "terrible cookies", then bring on the terrible cookies!! They are gorgeous and I think I could eat them all day. :)

He & Me + 3

I think they are just gorgeous. I would have loved to have them on my tables for my guests on my big special day. They turned out great!


incredible! man, i wish i could eat sugar cookies! do you have a couple of ovens and a giant kitchen? it's mind blowing to think of all that dough, rolling, cutting, baking, cooling, decorating and packaging and then wanting to start over? glad your hubby could be a voice of wisdom! :)


Your just to nice! I really think I want you to walk with me at all times and say the nice things you do, id never be sad! lol. And i wish that too! Then I could be your all time favorite person and you could be mine and i could add to my list of little kids that are my best friends- cant ever have too many! Oh and the cookies would be a plus to! ;)

Amanda L.

Oh My. Those are so amazing.. They arn't lacking in anything except that I can't have one to eat right now. They turned our gorgeous... LOVE THEM.


I think they are way too beautiful to eat. Excellent job, I can't see any reason why anyone wouldn't think they are great and I am sure delicious.


I think they're beautiful! You're very talented!

stacy Ness

Absolutely Wonderful!


Absolutely gorgeous!!!

I love them!

Hope you are doing well!


Amanda Rettke

Amen girl!!  You are exactly right about that!!  Have a blessed night...



They look just perfect to me!


Seriously you make the most beautiful cookies! It blows my mind. How long does it take you to decorate them? Beautiful!


your cookies look fantastic. what a very cool idea for a wedding.
cookies! yum!
i wanted to say also that i read what you commented on mission mommy about her life situation. i am a believer in jesus and follow him with my whole heart. i hope your words planted something in her to maybe fill what could be the biggest hole in her life (she may be saved. i hope so)
anyway, i like to meet others who love jesus!


Amanda, that's incredible! And how wonderful are you for doing these? Absolutely breathtaking, dear friend!




i think they look the pink and anyone that can make the initials look that great OVER and OVER again deserves some real appreciation!!


amazingly beautiful!!! I wish I could get married again just so you could make my cookies :)


Those are gorgeous! You are talented. I was just telling one of my girlfriends that I'm going to do a fall cookie exchange at my house... I wish you could come! :)


Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I'm seething with envy at your talent.

Can't wait to see you again!



i soooooooooooo want a cookie right now! they are adorable. how in the world did you transfer them without messing them up? give yourself a break now, your hand must be ready to fall off.

Stephanie H.

They are amazing ... I know that sounds like a broken record but seriously they are fantastic. I have always wanted to make these kinds of cookies. I have tried more then once only to fail ... maybe it is time to try yet again. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.


The cookies were awesome and they tasted great! It was great to see you guys again!
Take Care


They are so beautiful!! I am now so hungry I might have to gnaw off my arm. Only it wouldn't taste nearly as good as a sugar cookie. Will you bring some up to Fargo when you visit next? Pretty please?

Sheila Weinberger Cope

WHOA!! Those cookies are beautiful. What a steady hand you must have. Glad you found my blog and I'm glad I found yours! :-)
Great photos too!


I like all the different shades of pink and how they look so good together. I'm sure they were enjoyed by all!


Your work is amazing! I wanted to try your recipe and tips for my son's birthday but alas I am only one person and not super woman like you. {smile} I still want to make some though.

Hannah (Tracy) Lewis

Amanda! Those cookies are so beautiful! If they taste half as good as they look, you could have a very successful side business!! Do you take orders?? I want to get some for Julia's birthday party in Feb!


Ummm, what are you talking about? They look as perfect as they always do.


I think this is the case of being your own worst critic because these cookies look fabulous and perfection... isn't always necessary. I absolutely love your cookies and would have loved something like that in my own wedding... years ago. :)

Jill Tracy

Oh my goodness--let me just say those are awesome! I am new to your blog and I was looking back through some of your older posts and saw these and just couldn't help but comment. You have got some talent girl! Love it!

Amanda Rettke

Well look whose talking... I stopped by your blog and WOW!!  You can make a bag like no body's busniess!!  Gorgeous!! And those bows are fantastic too!!

Thanks for the kind words!



Jill Tracy

Thank you--that is so sweet of you!

Blessings to your family as well!




Do you use the Kopy Kake for your designs or is it by hand.

Amanda Rettke

Well, since I dont know what Kopr Kate is I would have to say by hand!  Yes, its just me and an icing bag in my kitchen! :)


First of all, I think the cookies turned out amazing. You are just being too hard on yourself if you think they dont look perfect.

I just had a question on how you packaged them. (ok, its really a few questions)

Since it was for a wedding, did you individually bag the cookies for each place setting or have them on a large dish by the cake and what did you do with the ones on the popsicle sticks? Im just wondering what you would do with cookies on that large of a scale?


these were amazing!!!

hey, what would you charge to do something like this for a bridal shower for my sister - about twenty five guests??? if it's not something you'd do, I totally understand!!!

hugs to you.

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