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Jul 05, 2010


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Wow, these look amazing! It must have been really hard - kudos to you for making them so well! I'm sure he loved them :)



Those are awesome. Very creative. I have a really bad memory as well. I always say "oh it was so easy!" and then when I repeat the project I am reminded how it wasn't. Ha. Oh well, sometimes a bad memory can be a good thing.


Wow! I am amazed every time I see the cookies you come up with.


Another amazing job Amanda! You are such an artist. I like how you just 'draw up' stuff. I wish I had the freehand abilities that you have.


Seriously, you are CREATIVE! I love the action guys! How do you manage to always think and create outside of the box...beyond bats and balls here! Love the red, white and blue too!


OH MY GOSH! Wicked cool! I KNOW I don't have the patience to do these so I'll worship your decorating prowess from afar!

Amalia Standard

WOW...love the sports action figures....you make it all look so easy...but that kind of decorating is soooo hard!!! Awesome....and I loved all the red white and blue, by the way!!! Thanks for sharing!


Amazing as always!

Joy Ellis

Those cookies are awesome! I personally like red, white and blue. So keep'em coming!! :)

Jessica @ How Sweet

Stunned. These are fabulous!


I cannot imagine that Jacob could not have loved these!

Jordans Sneakers

I really like your blog's style, and hungry to withstand friends is that: the strict test! So we can carry the absolute trust.


WOW! You amaze me at each post. Everytime I think I've seen the cutest then you post something new!


These are amazing! Your creativity boggles the mind ~ such talent. And no, they do not look weird or like the dead guy on Law & Order. :-) Seriously, they are all beautiful and I feel sure Jacob loved them!


Amy's blah, blah, blog



Wow Amanda... amazing cookies. I'm sure Jacob loved them. Every time I come to your blog I find yet another new creation. :) Keep up the good work (fun)!

Blessings to you this week, Kari

Jane Ko

Looks professional :)


These are AMAZING!!!!!!!! It looks like it was so hard to draw those guys! I don't think I would have thought of it, let alone attempted to do them! You are so talented and creative, but I think I may have said that a bunch of times already here! Like others have commented, I have a hard time being original with my comments because all I think of is "amazing," "incredible," and "WOW!" Sometimes I can come up with a "fantastic" or "fabulous" but I'm going to have to start using a thesaurus :-)

Lisa Edwards

You are so creative! Is the icing on your cookies fondant? It's so smooth.

Amanda Rettke

Thank you Lisa! No, the cookies dont have any fondant on them. It is all my glaze icing. Here is the link just in case!


Be blessed!


Very cool looking Amanda. Love the simplicity of the design because it's so striking! Great job, yet agin!!!


Jacob must have been one happy 10 year old when he saw these beautiful *boy* cookies for his birthday. Fantastic job Amanda. Your talents are not only in cookie and cake decorating but drawing free hand like you do you must be able to create some amazing sketches etc.

Kristin Morris

These look fantastic Amanda! Your free handing is phenom! I bet he enjoyed them! And don't worry about the whining, we all have our moments! My husband gets on to me for doing that, I whine and complain, and then in the end I am please with myself. So he gets preturbed that I do all that complaining for nothing. HA HA. Its a process! :) ::Kristin::


These are fabulous!!! You must be a very patient lady.


I think your action sports figures are brilliant! They must have been so hard to do...he must have loved them! The blue is such a vivid blue too and on top of white, very striking.

Also loved your idea for patriotic cupcakes!


Oh Amanda, I cant thank you enough for your hard work. The cookies were a huge "hit' and everyone LOVED them. Someone even gave them the name "perfect cookies"! Not only did they look totally rad but they tasted even better. Your awesome!!! Thank you very much.


Oh my gosh, how could he not??????


Do you draw these freehand???? My goodness!


Are you crazy?! Those cookies are amazing! :] Your talent ROCKS! Thank you for sharing with us!



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slam dunk, amanda! i'd never be able to get such an intricate design on a cookie. once again, i bow to your prowess. :)

stephanie santana

You are amazing..such detail. Not an easy feat!


how did you get those sports guys to look so perfect?!! you rock!


I tried to imagine the soccer player without the ball, and I just couldn't see the dead guy. Unless he died while trying to run away from the killer, and he got shot on the run and fell down mid-step. *grin*
They all look great, Amanda.
Once again, I'm reading through here - looking at all these yummy pictures - while I'm eating breakfast. And somehow my boring cereal just doesn't seem to satisfy. LOL!

Amanda Sikes

I can only imagine that people would be hard. But these look great and I am sure any 10 year old boy would love them!

Check out my 4th of July cupcakes when you get a chance -


Lucky Girl

i've been following your blog for a while now, and 1 - you're hilarious. 2 - your cookies look absolutely fab. and 3 - you give me so much baking inspiration. thanks!


These are absolutely amazing. With each and every post I become more and more enamored with you! Great job! I hope Jacob liked them!!

bridget {bake at 350}

Amanda...those are amazing!!! I can't get over that you can FREEHAND cookies like this! You have a gift! A yummy gift!


Wow! I just stumbled across your website! Amazing! Seriously! Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts with us!

P.S If they if do that blog event where experienced food bloggers adopt newbies like myself to help them, I want dibs on you!


I have an award for you over at my blog! Go check it out!

dining table

How did think that one? It is a very amazing idea. If my kids saw that cookies. I am sure that they will fight each other to get the most cookies. Thank you for sharing. I wish I can make it perfectly.

Robin Laffin

I hope you get this comment, seeing as how the post was a long time ago, but i was wondering how you did the hockey player cookies. My little guy has a hockey game on his birthday this year, so I want to make a treat for the teams, and this would be perfect. Any tips?

Thank you

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