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Oct 27, 2009


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Tina Fisher

I love it! Congratulations "I Am Baker"! Glad to see your new site!


Wow, if I ever need some awesome cookies I will come to you! Thanks :)


I am SOOOOOO excited for you! This is awesome! Would you make a button so we can advertise you ????

Amanda Rettke

Ah, a button. Will have to work on that!! You are so sweet. Will this blog do as far as what info you can provide the Senator??? Let me know if you think there is anything else you need!

And thanks for all the encouragement Lori... you are appreciated!

God bless-


Tina Fisher

Yes a button and some business cards....b/c when somebody serves one of your creations....they are going to want to contact you!


I think you are absolutely AMAZING! I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter who will turn 3 in June. I like to theme her birthdays - 1st Birthday was Princess, 2nd Birthday was Lady Bug and for her 3rd Birthday I'd like to do Tea Party. For every birthday I've dressed up my Ainsley in costume and made a lady bug cake for her 2nd birthday. I'd like to do a teapot cake for this year and/or tea cups but since I'm very poorly skilled and have to use recipes that are very, very simple, I was wondering if you'd be interested in attempting such a thing and if you deliver to Maspeth, NY. If so, would love to know what your thoughts are and how much it will all cost. Obviously, I still have plenty of time but am an organized freak so I like to do things WAAAAAY in advance or at least know what it is I plan on doing WAAAAY in advance. :)


do you ship cakes? or is that just a messy mayhem for your beauties... i live in TN

Candace Baker

I am in LOVE with this site!! It is on my favorites now, so I can get to it quickly!! I am a mom/nurse/homemaker/wife/make-believe baker!! I have four children, ages 10, 8, 6 and 5. I am also a same sex parent. My 'wife' (we had a commitment ceremony, but it's unfortunately not legal in our state) and I are trying to raise loving, accepting and open children. We do not focus only on 'same sex families', but teach them all aspects of DIVERSITY. Loving one another no matter your differences and accepting everyone for who they are. We fully believe that God would want us all to behave in that way. This past summer, we had planned to go to the Gay Pride Parade merely as spectators, and our children pretty much begged us to be allowed to march in the parade. We agreed and spent much of the following week making each child a sign to carry in the parade and decorating the wagon in Rainbows, etc. I let each child help pick their phrase for the sign they would carry...My youngest daughter (5) chose, "My Family Is Just Like Your Family", next, my 6 year old little girl picked, "HATE is not a Family Value" and my eight year old daughter chose "ALL Families Matter!" But, the one that got me was, our ten year old SON said, "Mom, I wrote my own, can I use it?" I said "Sure buddy, what's it say?" "PROUD SON OF LESBIAN PARENTS!" Not sure how I got off on all this, when my post was really to tell you how much I love all your rainbow cakes & cookies!! Rainbows are supposed to among other things, represent Gay Pride, so my babies very much love anything with a rainbow on it and we are always looking for cool recipes that incorporate them, so when we found your site, we fell in love!!! (Plus your work is AMAZING!!) Thank you so much for sharing your work & ideas with the world, you are extremely talented and your tutorials are excellent & easy to follow!! You give me hope that I may actually be decent @ cake decorating one day!!! I apologize for rambling on, just wanted to share!! Keep up the RAINBOWS!!! LOL

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